Leave the Window Open

It is amazing to me to find out how many different ways people prefer to go to bed and sleep each night.

First, there is clothing or lack of clothing. Some people like nightgowns and others like pajamas. Some people sleep in their underwear and some people take their underwear off. Some people fall asleep in their clothes and some people would rather be stark naked.

Then there is noise. Some people like to have the TV on all night so they have some noise. Others like to pop in a movie and fall asleep during the movie. When the movie ends, it becomes quiet. Others prefer music and will turn on the radio or their iPod to play songs they like to hear. During the summer, some people like to have a fan running – the motor noise can be soothing.

I like to have a night light left on, so I can find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night if I wake up. I also like to leave the stove light on, so that I can make my way to the kitchen in the morning without stubbing my toe or bumping into anything before I can get to the coffee pot and the sink to get my coffee started. But other people think a light left on is wasting electricity and want the house to be totally dark.

Checking Out Online Music

While i’m working on my laptop I like to listen to music. Since I am always online when the laptop is on, I decided to check out some of the online music web sites. The two that I know about from friends who like them are Pandora and Spotify, and they both are free.

The Pandora site has you choose some music channels and they play an assortment of songs based on artists or genres that you select as a base. This is a cool way to discover new artists and songs that you might not otherwise have the chance to hear. If they play a song that you really don’t like, you can flag that as something you don’t want and skip over that song.

Spotify is different in that you make playlists of the exact songs that you like. If you don’t want to make a lot of your own playlists you can use playlists that other people have created or you can listen to a type of internet radio station using their site. I like the way you can pick exactly what you what to hear and even put it in the exact order that you want – or you can randomize it.

Between the two site, I think I like Spotify a little better and I have some awesome playlists created. My favorite one is what I called “Adult Contemporary” and I also have a walk down memory lane with a playlist called “My Teenage Years.”