In a Bad Mood Today

Back when I was a kid, my mother used to say that sometimes I “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” I was grumpy when I first woke up, and grumpy through breakfast, and still grumpy when I left the house in the morning for school. She pretty much just made sure that I did the basics of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and otherwise left me alone on those mornings. With all of us kids running around in the morning, she did a pretty good job parenting to get us all dressed, fed and dispatched on time.

I don’t know why I sometimes wake up in a bad mood, but I am in a bad mood today. Even a second cup of coffee did not clear the cobwebs and the scowl on my face. Last night was nothing out of the ordinary, but when the alarm clock sounded at 5:30 am, I REALLY did not want to get up and deal with the day ahead. Usually a good cup of coffee will take the edge off, but this morning it didn’t help one bit. I tried a second cup – no help.

On days like this, it is best for people to just give me a wide berth. Don’t ask me what is wrong. Don’t try to cheer me up. Just leave me alone. I’ll work it out and get over it eventually.

The Ideal Birthday

I wonder if anyone but the very wealthy allow themselves to dream of how they would spend the entire day and night on their ideal birthday? I know that I would love to do things as a big splurge for a day and use my birthday as an excuse for all of the excess. But the reality is that I am not independently wealthy and my birthday will be celebrated in a more practical manner. I will also be considering other people besides myself, as they want to spend time with me – or some may prefer not to – their choice!

This year my birthday will be spent sleeping in without having to answer to an alarm clock. That is a big luxury in itself! Then I will have a cup of my favorite, personal blend of fresh brewed coffee. I want to spend time with my dogs, maybe watch a chick flick, and not do a lick of housework. Then for dinner I plan to meet up with a few people at the Japanese restaurant for a dinner cooked to order by a fun, highly skilled chef.

I am really looking forward to this and even with all the other luxuries and possibilities of places to go and things to do, this is my idea of the perfect birthday for me this year.

Leave the Window Open

It is amazing to me to find out how many different ways people prefer to go to bed and sleep each night.

First, there is clothing or lack of clothing. Some people like nightgowns and others like pajamas. Some people sleep in their underwear and some people take their underwear off. Some people fall asleep in their clothes and some people would rather be stark naked.

Then there is noise. Some people like to have the TV on all night so they have some noise. Others like to pop in a movie and fall asleep during the movie. When the movie ends, it becomes quiet. Others prefer music and will turn on the radio or their iPod to play songs they like to hear. During the summer, some people like to have a fan running – the motor noise can be soothing.

I like to have a night light left on, so I can find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night if I wake up. I also like to leave the stove light on, so that I can make my way to the kitchen in the morning without stubbing my toe or bumping into anything before I can get to the coffee pot and the sink to get my coffee started. But other people think a light left on is wasting electricity and want the house to be totally dark.