Kendall Sue and Ladybug

Stumbled across a darling blog today, written by a lady named Kendall Sue. She has a daughter who she calls, Ladybug, and her blog is about being a single mom with a three year old little girl. I think that the name Ladybug is so precious!

Kendall Sue is the same name as a good friend of mine from back in the school days. It’s not the same Kendall Sue, sadly. I was actually trying to find my friend Kendall Sue when I came across this blog instead. She sounds like such a nice and creative lady who loves her daughter very much. I’m not sure what happened in her life to be single with such a young daughter, but maybe if I read some of the older posts on her blog I will find out what happened.


Hello and Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to Chanticleer Online. I am thrilled to be online and really looking forward to writing random thoughts and observations on this blog. I see a lot of crazy things and have a lot of fun friends, so you never know what I will be writing about or what I might say. So, if you are up for a wild and crazy ride, this is the place!