Street Art or Graffiti?

Cruising through some blogs that my friends write, I came across a cute picture of a mouse painted on a curb and what April calls, “street art.” I have to admit that the drawing is well done, the scene is whimsical and cute, but it is drawn or painted on the curb of a public street. So my question to you is, do you consider this street art or graffiti? And if it is graffiti, should it be removed?

If it is considered public property, you or anybody else do not have the right to damage it. Some people will certainly consider painting or drawing on curbs and sidewalks to be destructive. That is why we have laws against graffiti. And who is to say what is art and what is not? Suppose someone painted horrible symbols and pictures of guts or something and calls that art?

I say, you must have community standards but there needs to be an allowance for creativity and the unexpected. We cannot just make laws and rules and policies that can encompass every single possibility for future actions. The government does not have to be a tightass when it comes to little things like the mouse painted on the curb. It’s relatively harmless and if the people who live nearby and have to look at it every day like, then leave it alone.

In this case, my friend, April Michele calls it “clever street art” and I agree with her. It’s curt, it’s not really hurting anything, and unless you have complaints lodged by the immediate neighbors, leave it alone. It does not matter to me if a stranger passing by painted it or if the homeowners painted it themselves or even if they hired someone to paint it for them. It’s not graffiti.