One Unspayed Cat Becomes 36 Cats in Only 16 Months

graphic showing cat population explosion

This graphic demonstrated how important it is to spay and neuter pets. One cat has four kittens, then those kittens have kittens. One unspayed cat becomes 36 cats in only 16 months. This is why getting pets spayed and neutered is so important. Millions of unwanted cats and dogs are killed or suffering. Please do your part to control the population and reduce this population problem.

The Winter of No Snow

If the Groundhog was right last week, we have less than 6 weeks of winter left. Have you noticed that we had absolutely no snow this winter? Sure, we had snow flurries bouncing around in the air for hours at a time – but we never had snow on the ground enough to make a simple snowball. There was no snow to cause school closings or anything significant. What a big change from just a couple of years ago when we used up ALL of our school snow days and still had to keep taking days off. It was so bad that the kids had to go extra days to make up all the lost classroom time. And now this year, nada!

Tech Support for a Government Contractor

Looks like Walter‘s son, Alex, is going to get a tech support job with a Government contractor down in Huntsville, Alabama right after graduation this coming May. He was going to go back to California for the summer, but since his parents have put their house up for sale, he thought it would be better to just take the job and get started finding a place to live down in Bama.

The job involves being a network administrator and related technical support for the contractor’s computer systems and running a help desk. With Alex’s technical skills, he is a perfect match for the support side of it. But he gets a little impatient with people, so I’m not sure that the help desk part of it is a good idea. Walter mentioned how much they’ve argued over the years, but it is hard to be a dad of a teenager, and arguing seems to come naturally for teens. I venture a guess that Alex will be OK in the job and that working in a small town like Huntsville will be good for him.

Walter was telling me about a computer program that lets the IT guy or help desk guy actually hook up with the other computer that is having the problem. His son showed him how the IT guy can remote control that computer without having to be physically in the same room. This is perfect for large corporate campuses and any big company with a lot of offices spread out geographically.