So Tired of Arguing With Facebook Trolls

What is it about Facebook that brings out the snarky people, the nasty people, the insulting people who troll your feed and never have anything positive or uplifting to say?

I am so sick of arguing with people over politics and religion. If I post it on my Facebook wall and you do not like it, go to your own wall and vent all you like. But if you pick a fight with me on my wall, act like an ass and threaten me, I will probably delete and block you.

My wall. My rules. And my opinions are my own – not for you to approve nor argue with.

Cannot Believe I am Bored

Even with the internet and cable TV, I am bored today. I can’t believe it and almost never admit that I am bored. There are a lot of things I SHOULD be doing today, but I have no motivation. I’m not sure that is the correct definition for bored or not.

Two weeks ago I got the new Playstation 4 and two games for it. I bought Call of Duty Ghosts, of course, but on the advice of several gaming friends I also bought a game called Battlefield. I have to say that CoD is great, but I think I like Battlefield better. It is hard to say why I like one game over the other. Some people like Coke and some like Pepsi – ask them why and they can’t really tell you. It is NOT because I am winning more on one. In fact, it might be the opposite reason – I find it more difficult and challenging to last long in the Battlefield game.

But I have had my fill of the PS4 today and after checking Facebook, I am sitting here wondering what to do next. I don’t want to watch football and I could care less about the Golden Globes Awards show. So, I’m not sure what to do with myself for a couple of hours tonight. I’m tired of being in the house, tired of feeling cooped up, tired of sitting on my butt. But what can I do on a Sunday night after dark?

Kindle-like Apps for Downloading Books

Although the Kindle readers are not very expensive – I think they run about $200, some people would prefer to download and read books on other devices. I like to read on my laptop, so I found an app that I could download that makes my PC act like a Kindle. Now I can download any book from the Amazon web site and read it on my PC without needing a Kindle to read it.

The download is actually right on Amazon’s own site, and there are free apps on other download sites, like ZDnet. The only way I found out is when I looked at a book title that a friend told me about, and they said it was a special free download for the weekend. I wanted to get the free download and right there on the info page was a link to download the free app. It works great. Check it out if you’ve been wondering about that and don’t want to buy a Kindle.

Checking Out Online Music

While i’m working on my laptop I like to listen to music. Since I am always online when the laptop is on, I decided to check out some of the online music web sites. The two that I know about from friends who like them are Pandora and Spotify, and they both are free.

The Pandora site has you choose some music channels and they play an assortment of songs based on artists or genres that you select as a base. This is a cool way to discover new artists and songs that you might not otherwise have the chance to hear. If they play a song that you really don’t like, you can flag that as something you don’t want and skip over that song.

Spotify is different in that you make playlists of the exact songs that you like. If you don’t want to make a lot of your own playlists you can use playlists that other people have created or you can listen to a type of internet radio station using their site. I like the way you can pick exactly what you what to hear and even put it in the exact order that you want – or you can randomize it.

Between the two site, I think I like Spotify a little better and I have some awesome playlists created. My favorite one is what I called “Adult Contemporary” and I also have a walk down memory lane with a playlist called “My Teenage Years.”

Tech Support for a Government Contractor

Looks like Walter‘s son, Alex, is going to get a tech support job with a Government contractor down in Huntsville, Alabama right after graduation this coming May. He was going to go back to California for the summer, but since his parents have put their house up for sale, he thought it would be better to just take the job and get started finding a place to live down in Bama.

The job involves being a network administrator and related technical support for the contractor’s computer systems and running a help desk. With Alex’s technical skills, he is a perfect match for the support side of it. But he gets a little impatient with people, so I’m not sure that the help desk part of it is a good idea. Walter mentioned how much they’ve argued over the years, but it is hard to be a dad of a teenager, and arguing seems to come naturally for teens. I venture a guess that Alex will be OK in the job and that working in a small town like Huntsville will be good for him.

Walter was telling me about a computer program that lets the IT guy or help desk guy actually hook up with the other computer that is having the problem. His son showed him how the IT guy can remote control that computer without having to be physically in the same room. This is perfect for large corporate campuses and any big company with a lot of offices spread out geographically.