So Tired of Arguing With Facebook Trolls

What is it about Facebook that brings out the snarky people, the nasty people, the insulting people who troll your feed and never have anything positive or uplifting to say?

I am so sick of arguing with people over politics and religion. If I post it on my Facebook wall and you do not like it, go to your own wall and vent all you like. But if you pick a fight with me on my wall, act like an ass and threaten me, I will probably delete and block you.

My wall. My rules. And my opinions are my own – not for you to approve nor argue with.

One Unspayed Cat Becomes 36 Cats in Only 16 Months

graphic showing cat population explosion

This graphic demonstrated how important it is to spay and neuter pets. One cat has four kittens, then those kittens have kittens. One unspayed cat becomes 36 cats in only 16 months. This is why getting pets spayed and neutered is so important. Millions of unwanted cats and dogs are killed or suffering. Please do your part to control the population and reduce this population problem.

Its All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Mad

Some of my Facebook friends are people I added specifically because they engage in lively conversation and debates. Most of the time people on their threads make their point with manners and facts – and sometimes humor.

When I have a lively discussion, I enforce a few basic rules. No name calling, no threats, and no vulgar words. That can be hard to do when you are in a heated exchange with someone, and especially hard when you don’t know the other person/people beyond a profile photo or avatar. It is easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

Humor can be tricky, especially when you are typing and not talking. There is no sarcasm font. You can’t tell by someone’s tone of voice or facial expression if they are kidding or seriously, upset or just jerking your chain. I try to be careful in using humor, because it is all fun and games until somebody gets mad. And I don’t really want to have someone mad at me over a Facebook post.

One of my gripes about Facebook is that they insisted that you use your real name when you created a free account. That has it’s upside and it’s downside. It was easy to find people that I really do know and wanted to reconnect with. But there are some people who I don’t really want to associate with anymore – like a couple of former employers and ex-girlfriends. But I see names all day long that I know are fake or adulterated. I don’t understand why they feel they have to alter their names to be on Facebook. If they want to play anonymously, there are plenty of forums and chat rooms where they can go and use a screen name.

Facebook is supposed to be real – why ruin it?

Internet Trolls are a Nuisance

graphic do not feed the trolls

Do not feed the internet trolls and they will go away. Social media has started bringing out the worst in people. Trolls will stalk people, make rude or insulting comments, and just bully or bother people for the sake of getting attention.

Trolls are especially fond of the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where their audience can grow to hundreds or even thousands of people to insult or annoy. If you don’t react to the trolls, they don’t get the attention they are craving. Without attention, the trolls soon get bored and drift away to bother someone else. So remember this the next time a troll starts arguing with you – don’t feed them!

Street Art or Graffiti?

Cruising through some blogs that my friends write, I came across a cute picture of a mouse painted on a curb and what April calls, “street art.” I have to admit that the drawing is well done, the scene is whimsical and cute, but it is drawn or painted on the curb of a public street. So my question to you is, do you consider this street art or graffiti? And if it is graffiti, should it be removed?

If it is considered public property, you or anybody else do not have the right to damage it. Some people will certainly consider painting or drawing on curbs and sidewalks to be destructive. That is why we have laws against graffiti. And who is to say what is art and what is not? Suppose someone painted horrible symbols and pictures of guts or something and calls that art?

I say, you must have community standards but there needs to be an allowance for creativity and the unexpected. We cannot just make laws and rules and policies that can encompass every single possibility for future actions. The government does not have to be a tightass when it comes to little things like the mouse painted on the curb. It’s relatively harmless and if the people who live nearby and have to look at it every day like, then leave it alone.

In this case, my friend, April Michele calls it “clever street art” and I agree with her. It’s curt, it’s not really hurting anything, and unless you have complaints lodged by the immediate neighbors, leave it alone. It does not matter to me if a stranger passing by painted it or if the homeowners painted it themselves or even if they hired someone to paint it for them. It’s not graffiti.

Leash Laws Mean ALL Dogs – Even Yours!!!

When you live in the city or in a developed suburb, you should certainly know that in today’s world every community has leash laws. This means that dogs outside of the home are supposed to be kept on a leash so they can be controlled at all times. Even if you have your dog in your front yard, unless it is on a leash, you cannot be sure that something or someone will excite the dog into running into the street or across other people’s yards, and worse, possibly attacking someone.

Leash laws mean that every dog should be on a leash when outdoors. Even yours. And I do hope my neighbors are reading this, because I am sick of other people’s dogs running down the street and getting into fights with my dogs. My dogs are on a leash and are not looking for a fight. We are just going for a walk. It would be nice if we could walk down our own street without being attacked. i don’t blame the other dogs – I blame their irresponsible owners for not having their dogs on a leash.

Teaching a Shelter Dog New Tricks

While sitting in the vet’s waiting room, a lady came in with her little black dog. She said it was a rescue dog that had been abused and was housed with some really large dogs. The poor little thing is terrified of big dogs like Rottweilers and Boxers.

The breed of her little dog looked vaguely familiar, but I was not sure, so I asked. I don’t know if that was a breech of vet waiting room etiquette or not, but I try to be polite and it was not like I was being a snob about any particular breed. She said the dog is a Papillon and that she had been training it to run agility courses.

There aren’t any dog parks anywhere in this area, so I wondered where she was going to have the use of an agility course. She said that she had one built in her own backyard. That is pretty cool – I wish i had the extra money to put in a doggie playground and agility course. We really need a dog park around here – maybe I can find a grant for getting one started.

The Winter of No Snow

If the Groundhog was right last week, we have less than 6 weeks of winter left. Have you noticed that we had absolutely no snow this winter? Sure, we had snow flurries bouncing around in the air for hours at a time – but we never had snow on the ground enough to make a simple snowball. There was no snow to cause school closings or anything significant. What a big change from just a couple of years ago when we used up ALL of our school snow days and still had to keep taking days off. It was so bad that the kids had to go extra days to make up all the lost classroom time. And now this year, nada!

Shadow? Or No Shadow?

Does anyone but America have this silly tradition of giving the responsibility of forecasting the weather to a rodent? Groundhog Day must be uniquely American – and I wonder if the rest of the world sees this as amusing or just one more reason to mock Americans?

I have been watching a variety of shows on the BBC cable TV channel, and was surprised to see how often the British refer to Americans in such a condescending and mocking manner. Every live TV show that includes interviews or commentary by British hosts has at least one denigrating remark about Americans in it. And this is just Great Britain. What about the more openly hostile countries, like Pakistan or China? I imagine we are slammed and insulted constantly. And I am starting to resent it!

We made World News today for the groundhog having not seen his shadow this morning. That supposedly means that we will have an early spring. Who’s not a fan of an early spring? but truth be told, the first day of spring is officially 6 weeks away anyway – whether the groundhog sees his shadow – or not!

At the Turkey Shoot with Julie

The Ruritans Club has luncheons and fund raising events that really bring the community together. I was invited by Julie Callaway to attend a Ruritans turkey shoot and had a lot of fun, competing in the shooting and also just meeting the guys and getting to know her neighbors. Julie has been volunteering at the turkey shoot for a couple of months. She sells the tickets and targets at a folding table, which is a great way to meet everyone and get to know their names.

It must be challenging to move from several states away to a new neighborhood and try to get settled, make new friends, and learn your way around. Julie bought the house and moved in with almost no help, and didn’t know a single person for miles around. She has done a great job creating a new life for herself.

I can’t imagine doing that myself. I have always known the people around me and how to get around town. The farthest I have ever moved was maybe 10 miles from the house where I grew up. The people I grew up with are still in the area or their parents are and they come back often for holidays and vacations. There is a great sense of security being in the same place where you grew up.