Kindle-like Apps for Downloading Books

Although the Kindle readers are not very expensive – I think they run about $200, some people would prefer to download and read books on other devices. I like to read on my laptop, so I found an app that I could download that makes my PC act like a Kindle. Now I can download any book from the Amazon web site and read it on my PC without needing a Kindle to read it.

The download is actually right on Amazon’s own site, and there are free apps on other download sites, like ZDnet. The only way I found out is when I looked at a book title that a friend told me about, and they said it was a special free download for the weekend. I wanted to get the free download and right there on the info page was a link to download the free app. It works great. Check it out if you’ve been wondering about that and don’t want to buy a Kindle.