Lightning Bugs in my Yard

Tonight while I was watering my garden as the sun went down, I noticed the first twinkle of yellow light from a lightning bug. Funny how it just took that first one to make me aware of the lightning bugs, and then shortly after I was seeing dozens of lightning bugs in my yard.

The garden I planted is doing really well, but it takes a lot of watering to keep the plants from wilting in the hot afternoon sun. I add about a gallon of water to each container in the morning and then another gallon at dusk. Tomorrow I plan on adding some fertilizer to the tomatoes and actually picking the first of the zucchini and green beans.

As far as bugs go, I have already found spiders in the garden and a few bean beetles. I know that the rabbits come around after dark and nibble a little here and there – I don’t mind the rabbits. But last night there was a skunk roaming around in my plants and that rascal destroyed an entire bean plant and one of the yellow squash plants by chewing through the stems right above the ground. I think I will head to the hardware store in the morning to see about fencing to keep the skunk and any other critters out.



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