Lincoln Was Worth the Wait

Finally! The movie, Lincoln, came out on DVD and I found it on sale at Wal-Mart. I have been wanting to watch this movie – everyone says it is a fantastic movie. Look at all the Academy Award nominations that it got, and Daniel Day Lewis, already a fabulous actor, won his third Oscar for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.

I was concerned that it would be morbid, and a little bit like the Titanic – you know the ship is going to sink, so there is a lessened anticipation of the last half of the movie. Knowing that Lincoln was about to be assassinated, I didn’t want the movie to be about the plot to kill our president or the death of his sons and his crazy wife. It turns out that all my misgivings were for naught. The movie was about the politics of the day, and how close the country came to ending the civil Ware without actually abolishing slavery.

I really enjoyed this movie and can surely understand all the Oscar nominations. It was very deserving of all the accolades. If you have not yet seen this movie, be sure to get it and watch it!

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