Miss Dottie as a Puppy

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I snapped this when Miss Dottie was only 2 months old and was so tiny that she could not even get up on the bed by herself. She was so cute back then!


The only trouble I had with her as a puppy was about 2 weeks of chewing while her teeth were coming in. She chewed up one of my shoes and started chewing on the corner of my couch. I had a hard time breaking her of chewing on the couch – I had to cover it up with a piece of cardboard, but sometimes she was so determined to get to the couch that she chewed through the cardboard, too.

But that only lasted a couple of weeks, and after that, she become the world’s most perfect dog. She has a great personality and is very smart. She was housebroken in just a couple of days and since then has never had an “accident” in the house and has never bitten anyone, either – even when the little kids in our neighborhood were pests who deserved it.

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