Vacation Plans for San Francisco

This year I want to take a vacation that will be totally different and new to me. I used to go to Florida every chance, because I have so many family and friends there and I love the beaches. Florida has both Atlantic Ocean beaches and Gulf of Mexico beaches, but this year I realized that I have never been to any beaches on the Pacific Ocean. So this year, I want to go out to California and I think the beaches near San Francisco are a good place to start.

Besides all the regular tourist spots in San Francisco, there are many things within an hour’s drive, too. I want to see the Redwood trees and some vineyards. And I will make sure to have dim sun in China Town.

Don’t think I am strange for this interest, but I have never felt an actual earthquake and I think it would be very cool to experience a mild earthquake. I certainly don’t want to be there during a big earthquake with lots of damage and people getting hurt. But if I could just feel the shaking under my feet for a few seconds, I really want to know what an earthquake feels like. From looking at the earthquake maps online, there is a town that has 3-4 minor earthquakes every day. So I am going to try to drive up to that town and have lunch in a local restaurant. I bet if I spend at least 3-4 hours there that I will feel at least one of the minor quakes while there and I can cross that off my bucket list.

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