At the Turkey Shoot with Julie

The Ruritans Club has luncheons and fund raising events that really bring the community together. I was invited by Julie Callaway to attend a Ruritans turkey shoot and had a lot of fun, competing in the shooting and also just meeting the guys and getting to know her neighbors. Julie has been volunteering at the turkey shoot for a couple of months. She sells the tickets and targets at a folding table, which is a great way to meet everyone and get to know their names.

It must be challenging to move from several states away to a new neighborhood and try to get settled, make new friends, and learn your way around. Julie bought the house and moved in with almost no help, and didn’t know a single person for miles around. She has done a great job creating a new life for herself.

I can’t imagine doing that myself. I have always known the people around me and how to get around town. The farthest I have ever moved was maybe 10 miles from the house where I grew up. The people I grew up with are still in the area or their parents are and they come back often for holidays and vacations. There is a great sense of security being in the same place where you grew up.


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