Wednesday Means Laundry Night

Here it is Wednesday and I know I’ll be facing a pile of dirty laundry when I get home. So I’m going to cook a nice spaghetti dinner and catch up on the week night comedy shows on TV while I deal with laundry.

Wednesday is not a bad night to do laundry. There are 30 minutes situation comedies on every channel, which works out nicely for timing the loads for each machine. I can wash a load in 30 minutes, while watching one of the shows.

Then, when the show is over, I dash downstairs and put that load into the dryer. Since the dryer takes an hour, I go back up to watch the next 30 minute show, and when that show is over I go back downstairs and put the next load in the washer. Thirty minutes later, the next show is over and I switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

It has a nice rhythm to it, every 30 minutes, and the night goes by pretty quick.


2 Replies to “Wednesday Means Laundry Night”

  1. I do laundry on Wednesday nights, too. I like to do other fun things on my weekend and there is usually not much of anything else to do on a Wednesday night. Lots of times I have places to go on Thursday nights, and the weekend is always busy with places to go and people to spend time with. So Wednesday wins the laundry slot and I do the same thing while watching TV – I make runs to the basement to switch the load from basket to washer to dryer to basket. lol

  2. I don’t have one special night or even one particular day to do laundry. I just wait until there is enough to make a full load and I put them in the washer before I start cooking dinner. By the time dinner is over I put them from the washer into the dryer. By the time I go bed, the clothes are dry and I can either fold them right before bed or they will get put up the next morning, depending upon how tired I am. I guess I usually only do a couple of loads every week anyway. Its not a big deal to me. It never occurred to me to tie it into TV shows. That’s funny!

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