Nice Lunch With Alexa

Just got back from Logan’s Steakhouse where I had a nice lunch with Alexa. I haven’t seen Alexa in about six months and was feeling really guilty about so much time has gone by since the last time we met for lunch. We used to go out every week, but since she took her new job she works clear across town and its not as convenient anymore.

Not that convenience is a big factor – its more about logistics. If she is an hour away from our office, and we only have an hour for lunch, how do we work out the drive time and where to meet? If we meet in the middle, that’s 30 minutes to the restaurant and 30 minutes back – that shoots the whole hour without having time to even eat. Add an hour for eating and we each have to take a two hour lunch.

So as an alternate, if one of us drives the whole way, that means one person has to drive an hour each way and then we still need time to eat. That becomes a three hour lunch for one of us. That’s what we’ve done the last two times. I took the 3 hour lunch last time and drove to her side of town. We had a great lunch at Macaroni Grill.

This time she bit the bullet and took the 3 hour lunch. That’s the main reason it has been so long since we met for lunch – she has been so busy that a three hour lunch just wouldn’t fit into her work days. She picked Logan’s Steakhouse and we had a great time. I sure hope it’s not that long again before we meet again. I’ll do the driving this next time.

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