Does Anyone Just Drop In?

The doorbell rang this morning and got the dogs all excited – we thought someone special might have decided to drop in for a visit. We hardly ever have anyone ring the bell here – my friends know they can come in and make themselves at home. My family members all have a key to my front door, and I am hard pressed to remember the last time anyone actually rang the doorbell.

Turns out it was just the UPS guy, dropping off my order from Amazon. That was really fast – I just ordered it online Saturday night and here it is Monday. That new Amazon distribution center must really make a big difference in delivery times for people out here. I had no idea I would get my order in two days – it used to take a week!

There was a lot of uproar when Amazon started poking around here looking for a big warehouse to base their distribution operation for this region. Amazon wanted the State to waive the requirement to collect sales taxes on orders processed here. The Government usually grants a lot of concessions for new businesses bringing jobs to the state, but a lot of people were angry about the idea of waiving the taxes.

They worked it out and to be honest, I don’t remember hearing how they ended up working it out. Maybe I can find something on a back issue of the local newspaper.

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